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Vote Results

Treorchy residents voted for the projects they wished to receive funding on Sunday 21st Nov:

- Results

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The Treorchy Wind Fund is a community fund supported by the Maerdy Wind Farm located between Maerdy and Treorchy.


£253,000 has been provided to good causes since the inception in 2014. £67,500 is available for 2022.

420 people came to vote this year.  Congratulations to those receiving funding. - results.  


Grant cheques will be issued at an awards ceremony in January 2022 which will be live streamed. 


We are a community fund supporting projects around Treorchy in the Rhondda, with money provided by the nearby Maerdy Windfarm.

Grants range from £500 to £5,000.  We welcome applications from individuals and organisations.  No match funding is required.  Profit making organisations are admissible.


Funding rounds are every two years.  The next application deadline is 30th September 2019 for funding in 2020.

Determined by the Commnity

Funding for projects is determined by a public vote.  Every two years applications are invited, published on the website and then a public vote held for all residents of Treorchy Ward aged 15 and over.  The projects with the most votes receive the funding.